We are Global Data Pro

The most innovative and disruptive Learning Hub for Data Analytics.

Learn with us the main, highly demanded technologies in the market.

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Potencia las habilidades de tu
equipo de trabajo en el ámbito de

#Spark, azure, aws, gcp, power platform

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Capacita a tu equipo en:

#excel, pbi, r, python, sql


We are Global Data Pro

The most innovative and disruptive Learning Hub for Data Analytics.

Learn with us the main, highly demanded technologies in the market.

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Boost your skills
work team in the field of:

#Spark, azure, aws, gcp, power platform

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Train your team in:

#excel, pbi, r, python, sql

About us

Global Data Pro was established by the collaboration of two professionals, Layla and Lucas, who shared a passion for data analytics and providing solutions to companies related to digital transformation and the application of new technologies for data analysis and visualization.


Our mission at GD Pro is to focus on training teams in the field of data analytics and digital transformation, with the primary goal of democratizing the use of data and information within corporations. Our vision is to become leaders in the field of data analytics, by providing consulting services, corporate training, educational advice, and connecting tech talent.


18 - 2 - 2022
Iván Palomares Carrascosa, PhD

Layla is part of the faculty of the Master  of Data Science that I direct at IEBS. She stands out for his great sense of initiative, incredible capacity for self-improvement and professionalism. Always adds value to the activities in which it participates: training modules,masterclasses and development of didactic materials. The students love their treatment close and pleasant approach.”


13 - 1 - 2021
Richard Jorge Nieto

It has been an excellent experience working as a team with Layla to make reality and unite efforts, achieving clear objectives. She is an extraordinary professional human quality, focused on objectives and achievements of results; with negotiation skills, resilience, proper communication and professional ethics. for all this I am honored to refer it.”

13- 1 - 2021
Jeison Barrios

“Layla Scheli Thank you very much for your #grantworkinteam, it was a pleasure to have accompanied you in the first edition of the Innovation Management Course of Business with Data in partnership with Richard Nieto and Petrobanca. 
We reinforce our knowledge in the world of Advanced data analytics with your classes and practices. We are going for the second edition.”

16 - 5 - 2019
Mariano Voltolini

“Layla is a very dedicated person in her work, A great colleague and professional!”

24 - 5 - 2019
Julian Barmat

“I had Layla as a student in the Expert Course in Project Management that dictated in the Center of UTN             E-Learning. 
Throughout the course he showed a high commitment to learn and see how to implement it in their daily tasks.
All the deliverables presented were of a excellent content, and not just to comply.
Transferred to the Labor framework, I would recommend Layla in management and leadership positions

3 - 10 - 2019
Andrés Felipe

“She is a very proactive young woman always search understand the reasons for things understand them better and take advantage of the possibilities that that entails. She is very dedicated and demanding in the tasks assigned to her commendation”

Consultancy Services

Our expertise allows us to deliver customized training that caters to the specific needs of work teams in various data analytics and digital transformation technologies. With the help of our team and strategic partnerships, we provide support for projects within organizations seeking to optimize their information analysis for improved decision-making.


We offer mentoring services and forums for medium and large companies, specializing in the following areas:

       Data Analytics.

       Business Intelligence.

       Data Science.

       Big Data.

       Cloud Computing.

       Data Project Management.

In-Company Training

We provide the most comprehensive in-company training catalog for companies in the fields of Data Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Agile Methodologies for Data Project Management, and Microsoft Power Platform.

Headhunting for Tech Talent

Our goal is to provide the necessary tools for the training of data analysts in Latin America and to enhance their careers in Europe, with a special focus in Malta, a country that has become in recent years a reference point for startups and financial services.

We offer training programs for professionals looking to enter the field of data analytics, including technical training and soft skills training such as teamwork, time management, productivity, and proficiency in technical and business English.

Academic and Training Advisory

Our educational and academic advisory services extend to various educational institutions and business schools, providing services such as creating training syllabi, content development, recording on-demand courses, and updating educational materials, among others.


Oscar L. Amaya Deras
Instructor CISCO, Huawei, Fortinet

“Layla is an excellent person and an outstanding student. Her dedication is admirable, and she strives to improve every day. It was an honor to have her as a student.”.

María Belén H. Castellano
Talent Development - People & Culture - Change and Transformation Advisor

“Working with Layla in the public sector educational field has been a pleasure. Layla is detail-oriented, methodical, and professional. Her communication and teaching skills, which are difficult to find in the IT field, are awesome. We have incorporated Layla into the team of trainers of BA Emprende Academy, adding greater value to the program.”

Sofía Frers
RRII I Data Science & Analytics

“I had the pleasure of working with Layla when she served as a professor of Data Analytics, and she is a great professional. She enriched the course with her knowledge and best practices, and above all, I highlight her clarity in explaining concepts.”